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The heart of display solutions is customization and distinction.

At Schmitz-n-Schmitz Global, our passion is meeting unique display goals with quality and commitment.

Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global began from a recognition of the need for customization married to quality for display solutions. To meet this aim, we collaborate with young ambitious minds and suppliers with many years of quality deliverables.

Schmitz-n-Schmitz, while still a young company, grew out of innovators of the museum display industry like Schoninger in Germany and HGI in the U.S. This legacy is present worldwide. With that history, Schmitz-n-Schmitz has a developing portfolio that can be seen here.


Principals Martin Schmitz, MBA, has a mechanical background as well as experience in international trade to include importing/exporting. His specialty is high-end glass manufacturing. Martin also coordinates the logistics supply chain that allows Schmitz-n-Schmitz-Global to offer a range of high quality, craftsman products at competitive prices Martin resides in Europe and Ecuador. Ingrid (Schmitz) Reynolds, MS, has extensive business and project management experience in addition to growing up in the museum display industry of her father's business. Ingrid resides in the United States. Together, customer needs are meet nearly 20 hours a day.

Please browse some of the beautiful, custom, quality work we or our suppliers have delivered for other customers. Consider requesting a quote so that we might show you what display solutions we can deliver.